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IRS Tax Problems Resolution and Representation

Starting at $199. The IRS is one of the most powerful collection agencies in the world. Once they notify you in writing about tax debt, collection process starts and stays within very strict time frame. If tax problem is not resolved in the timely manner they may garnish your wages, file liens, freeze your bank accounts and more. Waiting may only make matters worse.  As soon as you retain our services, we will take over all communication with the IRS. Take the first step to your IRS tax problems. Call us now.

-    Initial Fact Finding Directly with IRS
Once you hire us we will request all your documents and records from IRS. We have access to electronic services portal for tax professionals and tax practitioner phone line with priority service. We will have your missing W-2s and 1099s within hours. We will analyze your tax account transcripts and earning transcripts and make the best recommendations on how to move forward with tax resolution.

-    Response to Tax Notices
According to Government Accountability Office about half of all IRS tax notices have errors. However, if tax notice is not responded by deadline IRS escalates collection process. At some point tax notices you ignored may become irreversible even if they are wrong or incorrect. Forward us a notice you received and we will investigate directly with IRS about its accurateness. Then we will act promptly to resolve the matter.

-    Penalties and Interest Waivers
If return is filed or paid late quite often penalties and interest may be more than taxes owed themselves. In many cases if you have a reasonable cause for not complied with IRS filing/paying deadline or if you are a first time violator you penalties can be waiver along with some corresponding interest charges. Just forward us the bill and circumstances around it and we will follow up with IRS right away.

-    Have IRS Write off Your Tax Balances
There are several way to reduce the actual tax debt owed to IRS. Really aged balances may drop off themselves after 10 years from the assessment date. You may not be aware but some of your actions may extend such assessment date. We can advise you on what not to do to leave original date in place. In many instances tax balances outstanding for two years can be put into bankruptcy. Not every attorney will notify you of such opportunities but we will. Contact us before your bankruptcy is finalized for tax balances analysis.

-    Currently Not Collectable
If you are not working or making just enough to get by you may be entitle to temporary tax relief IRS calls currently not collectable. We can help to analyze whether you may qualify and file appropriate paperwork with IRS. Non collectable status will generally last 18 month or until your income improves whichever is sooner. 

-    Installment Agreements
If you owe many thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes IRS understands you cannot pay it all in one time. They will work with you as long as you showing intentions to pay off your balance via monthly payments. There are several levels of installment agreements along with new 2013 Fresh Start Program available to tax payers. Certain installment agreement will require detailed information about your financial life, tax liens and permission to draft your bank account automatically and some agreements do not have such conditions. The monthly payment can be negotiated for full or partial pay over 72 months or sooner. Generally penalties and interest continue to accrue while on the payment plan. Call us for quick assessment and help.

-    In Person Audit Representation
If you got an audit notice from IRS – do not panic but do not wait until you are through the most of tax audit to seek professional help. It is the key to get a tax professional involved right away to protect your rights and help with favorable outcome of the audit. Just email us a copy of the audit notice and tax return for a period in question and we will assess your situations and create an action plan.

For IRS Representation and Tax Problems Resolution Call Nicholas A. Trishin, CPA Today at 404-585-1040.

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