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Georgia Dream NSP $14,000 Home Purchase Program


The Georgia Dream NSP Purchase Program was created to encourage the purchase of foreclosed properties. Funds utilized are an allocation of federal dollars received by the Department of Community Affairs from the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.


The program provides $14,000 to eligible borrowers purchasing foreclosed properties in eligible areas. Funds are disbursed in the form of a second mortgage lien with no interest and no monthly payments. The lien is released over a period of five years and six months. Funds may be used for required repairs and/or down payment assistance.


This program begins April 1, 2009 and all funds must be disbursed by June 30, 2010.




•    This program is only eligible for home purchases, not refinances.

•    This program is only eligible on foreclosures. The house must be owned by VA, HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or a non-profit organization.

•    You don’t have to be a first-time homebuyer. This is great news for those of us that have been excluded by the First-Time Homebuyer $8,000 Tax Credit. However, if you do happen to be a first-time homebuyer, the news gets even better for you. You’re allowed to combine this loan program with the $8,000 tax credit. So you’re going to end up making out like a bandit with a total of $22,000 to your benefit.

•    You must go through 8 hours of homebuyer education classes…It doesn’t matter if you’ve owned your own home for decades or if you’re a first-time homebuyer. It must be HUD approved and taken in a classroom, which means no online courses.

•    The house must be used as your primary residence for 5 and a half years. Of course you can refinance in this time, but if you move before the 5 and half years are up or don’t use it as your primary residence the entire time, you will be required to pay back a portion of the $14,000. This will be calculated based on your length of time the home was used as your primary residence.

•    There are income limits that vary by county. In addition, the program is only available in certain counties in Georgia.

•    The property sales price must be 15 percent below the fair market value.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    May I take home buyer education online?
No. This program requires attendance at a home buyer seminar or face to face counseling.

2.    Can I buy a home anywhere in Georgia?
No. You must purchase a foreclosed property in an area of greatest need. Need was determined by the volume of foreclosed properties in a county.

3.    Are there income limits?
Yes. Eligible borrowers must have a total household income less than 120% of the area median income. Click here for the maximum income limit in each of the eligible counties.

4.    Are only first time home buyers eligible for the Georgia Dream NSP program?
Applicants do not have to be first-time home buyers and they are not prohibited from owning other residential real estate. However, the applicant must occupy the NSP financed property as his or her primary residence within 60 days of closing. Any rental income generated from the ownership of other residential real estate would have to be counted as household income for NSP qualification purposes.

5.    If I am a first time home buyer and I use the Georgia Dream NSP program do I still qualify for the federal first time home buyer $8000 tax credit?
Yes. If you purchase a home prior to December 1, 2009. Consult your income tax preparer or the IRS.

6.    I would like to use the $8000 federal tax credit as part of my down payment. Can DCA include this amount in my mortgage loan?
No. DCA does not have a mechanism in place to monetize the federal first time home buyer tax credit for use as a down payment.

7.    Can I use other down payment funds in conjunction with this program?
No. Unlike the traditional Georgia Dream down payment programs, the Georgia Dream NSP program cannot be combined with other down payment assistance programs.

8.    What interest rate will I pay on my first mortgage loan?
The first mortgage loan will be a 30 year fixed rate FHA or VA loan originated by your lender within NSP guidelines. The rate will be determined by current market rates and the lenders choice of investor. Georgia Dream first mortgage interest rates apply only when DCA funds the first mortgage loan.

9.    Can I use the Georgia Dream NSP program to purchase a short-sale or a home that is pending foreclosure?
No. the property must have been foreclosed and the title transferred to the mortgage lien holder or an eligible agency. Eligible properties must be owned by HUD, VA, USDA, Bank, Government Entity or an eligible Non-profit.

10.    Can the Georgia Dream NSP program be used to purchase a home that was a foreclosure, but was already rehabbed by an investor making the home move in ready?
Only if the investor used a local government’s NSP program to purchase and rehabilitate the home.

11.    Can I use the Georgia Dream NSP program if I am also using the DCA Housing Choice Voucher Program?
Yes. However, you must use a Georgia Dream participating lender who also participates in the HCV program. Foreclosed properties in need of repair may not be eligible for purchase. When using the HCV program the first mortgage must be a Georgia Dream first mortgage loan and will be serviced by State Home Mortgage. Consult your Rental Assistance Counselor or your participating lender for complete details.


Source:  Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Contact department here: link



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- Robert B. Anderson, Alpharetta, GA


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